Maryam Nazemi is a human being, a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, an aunt, an in-law, a friend, neighbour, advocate…. and most importantly she is an awaken traveller in her conscious, intentional inspiring life journey.

Her journey is filled with radiant nature of her being through many rich experiences. These alchemized experiences delivered life transformational changes and practices, wisdom and liberated her heart.

From her early childhood Maryam had displayed a raw compassion to share her fairly privileged life and knowledge with many specially those vulnerable one.

All that raw compassion ripened in action and made her an Early Childhood Educator, Social Worker, founder of Mindul living for everyday life, public speaker, and exceptional advocate for Universal Coverage for all workers in the province of Ontario.

She has been invited to sit on panels and deliver speeches at many official events, and as well as having been interviewed and filmed for documentaries. She has been acknowledged and awarded in many occasions.

Among the rewards and recognition, she received the “outstanding Service Award” from the work Health and Safety Centre and “Leading Women Building Communities Award” in 2016.

Today Maryam’s incredible journey to health and overall healing made her becoming knowledgeable mindfulness teacher. In one hand, Maryam is a teacher for mindfulness and mindfulness meditation to minimize chronic conditions in which creates suffering and physical and psychological pain. On the other hand, her own experience in life, caused her to become a passionate advocate and leader for the cause of Universal Coverage (building a safety net for all worker’s cross the province and nation).

Maryam believes that we all have immense potential and creativity within us. All of our experiences are the opportunities to practice mindfulness. Mindfulness helps to move from stuckness to actions from reactions to responding, from indecision to decision. Maryam teaches skills, practices, and daily lessons, to connect us with our true capacity, potential and resiliency. These skills give individuals ability to overcome challenges and take charge of their own lives. It is only when we connect with our true self that we start supporting others. That makes us able to reach out to absolute humility and unharnessing inner power of our true being with intention at each given moment.

Maryam multicultural competence is imperative in her teaching skills. She has a sincere respect and sensitivity for many cultural differences,