Stress Reduction

Cultivating mindfulness


A lot of your stress, chronic unhappiness, fatigue, physical or emotional problems are the cause of an unconscious dismissal approach to obstacles, challenging experiences and not taking care of your self.

You often beat yourself up by blame, shame, self criticizing, competition, denial and judgment on auto pilot – without even noticing it! Feeling intense unhappiness.

Mindfulness approach to unwanted, and unpleasant experiences helps to recognize and gain awareness over the negative thoughts, emotions and feelings. Cultivating acceptance of all experiences without changing or denying them. Observing, acknowledging, acting or redirecting in awareness, non-judging and non-reactivity to heal our problems and chronic conditions.

Using compassion to understand these hidden negative believes and exploring experiences with clarity, curiosity, courage, positive intention. Harnessing each component of the experience with awareness and interest at each moment.

Observing how amazing ordinary experiences though our cultivating mindful awareness become extraordinary. How raw interconnectedness between inner body experience and outer actions with society enhance and promotes respect for yourself and others, yet progresses toward genuine happiness.

Mindful daily practices empower inner and outer experiences of personal growth, trust, patience, enjoyment of life and liberation in all of your daily actions.

Cultivating mindful daily living helps to reduce stress, pain, chronic unhappiness, anxiety, depression, and respond to situations more effectively by:

  1. Experiencing life in awareness with conscious choices
  2. Understanding and knowing experiences directly by tuning into interconnectedness of internalization and externalization of mindfulness
  3. Being present here and now
  4. Approaching all experiences with curiosity, clarity, non-judgment and interest
  5. Accepting the experiences as they are
  6. Seeing thoughts as a passing by cloud and not reality
  7. Taking care of yourself and experiences in life with kindness and compassion