Out beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing there is a field.

I’ll meet you there. – Rumi

Mindful Living Daily and meditation,


to melt the barriers that keep us from being fully alive. – Maryam Nazemi

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Maryam Nazemi, an Early Childhood Educator, founder of Mindful living for everyday life, public speaker, and exceptional advocate for Universal Coverage for all workers in the province of Ontario.

She is a human being, a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, an aunt, an in-law, a friend, neighbour, advocate…. and most importantly she is an awaken traveller in her conscious, intentional inspiring life journey.

Her journey is filled with radiant nature of her being through many rich experiences. These alchemized experiences delivered life transformational changes and practices, wisdom and liberated her heart.

Welcome to Mindful Living for Everyday Life!

Welcome to my new website!  We are all on a journey together.  Through my health issues, pain and advocacy I have learned many tools that have greatly helped me heal. This website is where I would like to share them with you so that you too can benefit from them in your life.


Mindful Yoga turns the practice into a conscious act of self-healing that involves an active dialogue between body/energy and mind/heart.


Mindfulness also offers three minute breathing space mediation, breath mediation, Body scan meditation, mindfulness of breath, body, sounds, thought meditation and mountain mediation.


Mindful daily practices empower inner and outer experiences of personal growth, trust, patience, enjoyment of life and liberation in all of your daily actions.

Mindfulness of Breathing

Breath is life, and there is no life without breath. Mindfulness breathing meditation techniques positively affect our thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations. Mastering the art of working with breath is an important start towards our overall well-being, stress reduction and gradually our self-healing.

Body Scan Mindfulness Meditation

Body scan mindfulness meditation encourages us to bring a non-judgingawareness of our body moment-by-moment, area by area.

This awareness moves from one area of our body to the next, with patience and understanding.

With body scan meditation we give ourselves time and space to connect with our body, to observe it and tune in to each area of our body in turn, in a state of awareness.



Maryam has led her Mindfulness Meditation series here at the Active Living Centre for over 4 years. Students each session sign up to be able to learn the techniques she teaches in class a then apply them to their daily lives; how and when they see fit…


Liza Franses

Manager - Active Living Centre, North York Seniors Centre

Maryam work is structured with creative ways to deal with anxiety, pain and anguish. Her collaborative approach is clear, easy to understand and affective

Thank you Maryam

Angela Mahmood

Thank you for the excellent Mindfulness Meditation series you provided at Heart House Hospice for our bereavement clients and volunteers.  It was very well received and people valued your expertise, integrity, kindness and will bring that forward into their practice…

Nancy Umphrey

Coordinator of Health and Wellness, Heart House Hospice, Mississauga, ON