Yoga for Mindful Movement

Mindfulness Yoga,

A more common used meaning for the word Yoga is “Union”. Uniting body, mind, soul along with simple, yet effective yoga postures and breathing techniques in a meditative state of your presence. Fully connected to the movement and intentional. The intention of mindful Yoga practice is to become aware as best as you can, to the breath, physical sensations, feelings and thoughts throughout each Yoga movement.

Mindful Yoga turns the practice into a conscious act of self-healing that involves an active dialogue between body/energy and mind/heart. Harnessing and motivating life force (Parana) into the foreground of posture and pose in any given moment.

Mindful Yoga practice is not about the external look and competition than it is about the wholeness of “you”. Accepting your body with total awareness, honoring your limitations without striving, from one pose to the next, moment by moment and staying fully present and aware of each in breath and each out breath. This Yoga practice is about taking good care of yourself. Cultivating strength, balance, flexibility in a meditative state of mind.