Breath in Mindfulness

It is a human tendency to jump constantly from one thought to another. We do not pay much attention to breathing, since it happens automatically. We can live for months without consuming food, and days with no water; however we can only survive for a few minutes without breath.

Breath is life, and there is no life without breath. Mindfulness breathing meditation techniques positively affect our thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations. Mastering the art of working with breath is an important start towards our overall well-being, stress reduction and gradually our self-healing.

Mindfulness breathing enables us to reverse the symptoms resulting from stress, emotions and negative thoughts and create a sense of calm in our mind and body. Mindfulness breathing engages the abdominal muscles and diaphragm. We feel the abdominal wall rising, which expands the lower parts of the lungs. The rib cage expands, gently openingand raisingthe chest and collar bones in each inbreath. After a pause we exhale gently and the abdominal wall gently contracts and pushes the air out of our lungswith each out-breath. This is the miracle that exists within us. Everywhere we go there is a breath, there is life, there is a miracle.

Mindfulness breath practice makes us aware of our breath, moment by moment. Breath enables us to return to the present moment each time the thought of the past and speculations of the unknown future have taken our focus from our life experience. Breath anchors us with the present moment – connected, aware and alert.

Mindfulness breathing practice also assists us in sending our breath to any part of our body that feelstension and stresswith compassion. Mindful breath practice enablesus to reduce our bodily and emotional stress.This is another miracle that exists within our own breath–the” intentional breath of healing”.

When we are mindful of our breath, we connect with the oxygenated cool air when it goes into our body with each in-breath. We also connect with each warm outbreath which pushesthe waste, stress, negative thoughtsout of our body.

Mindfulness breath meditation skills and techniques positively empower and energise us. Mastering theart of working with breath leads to self-healing and stress reduction, and gradually radiates life to any cells of our body.

Attention to the breath is fundamental in mindfulness meditation. This practice calms the mind andstrengthens focus and concentration. Breath almost always is the best place to return to present moment.