Body scan mindfulness meditation encourages us to bring a non-judgingawareness of our body moment-by-moment, area by area.

This awareness moves from one area of our body to the next, with patience and understanding.

With body scan meditation we give ourselves time and space to connect with our body, to observe it and tune in to each area of our body in turn, in a state of awareness. We rarely allow ourselves to have a relationship with our body for our overall health.

Regular practice of body scan meditation enables us to not only have a close relationship with our body, but also to learn to respond to and counterbalance stress, anxiety, and the effect of physical and emotional difficulties on our body before they cause further illnesses.

Body scan meditation also allows us to understand the importance of our body at a much deeper level than just seeing our body externally and how we look outside.

It is best if we lie down on the floor for this practice,in a safe place where we wouldnot be disturbed for the duration of the meditation.

We Direct our attention to the place in our body that we want it to be.

We Pause our attention so our attention remains in place for the duration we want it to stay there

We Move attention away to the next area of our body.

Some of my experiences with mindful body scan meditation:

Through body scan meditation I learned to respect and accept my body, including my limitations, ability or disability at a deeper level. It was only through regular practice that I gradually embodied a stronger, grounded, and harmoniously balanced mind-body posture. I mostly tuned in to my body to acknowledge its signals without having judgment around it. Breathing in and out from eacharea in the body and releasing the tension allows me to calm my body and mind in each moment. It is important to be present with body, mind, thoughts, and feelings – yet relaxedand connected.

I sharpen my awareness and concentrate my patience and intentionin total awareness to parts in my body as if I can see each area of my body insideout. This practice has empowered me to work skillfully with my physical experiences, rather than worry about them.

As a result of this practice I now know how and when to respond to my bodily sensations. My dedication to skillfully irradiate my body and release the tension provides mea much deeper relaxation and freedom from pain, stress, and ultimately brings me relief.Practicing body scan provides insightful guidance and direction towards healing,in the midst of allmy challenges.