If you understand your problems, it is easier to cope and respond with all the effects of the problem in your thoughts, physical reactions, and moods.

To learn to pay attention, acknowledge, and express your full range of emotions such as anger, sorrow, and guilt with a conscious mind,you can transform an unpleasant experience into a pleasant one.

To believe,you must up-beat yourself, all the time. To be a positive thinker can also can be an overriding judgment that may cause some more stress.

Mindfulness emphasizes how crucial it is to graciously understand and accept your emotionsin improving your overall well-being. Understanding the complexity of life experiences can be a fruitful path to your destination. Supressing your emotions can back fire on your psychological welfare and can harbour more problems.

Mindfulness skills and meditation, helps you become aware of your present experiences without having judgment. Practicing mindfulness skills and meditation empowersyou to cope better with emotions. See the problems with clarity and with acceptance in order to proceed through the path to recovery.Release and shake off the shame and guilt; the should have, must have.

Mindfulness teaches us to turn towards our unpleasant emotions, experience and thoughts and

  • Recognize it for what it is
  • Name the emotions for what it is
  • Gently and kindly explore your thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations
  • Softly and gently open up to what is
  • Be aware of the opening, in each out-breath
  • As best as you can determine where the emotion come from
  • Identify it for what it is,
  • Becoming aware if there are any irregular bodily sensations you may experience
  • Breath into and out from the region in your body that you feel the intensity the most
  • Allow each out-breath to release the tension
  • When you are ready sit with the breath
  • Develop calmness and composure
  • Feel the clarity of mind and connect with the present moment
  • Be aware, the unpleasant feeling won’t last forever

Having opened yourself to the emotions in the field of awareness, it allows you to accept your own pain and suffering and work through it mindfully and skillfully.

Using this technique enables you to develop calmness and composure. It gives you the ability to remain less reactive and less judgmental and respond to situations effectively with a greater sense of acceptance andunderstanding of ourselves and others.

The skills we practice cultivates more patience in more harmonious relationships to help prevent relapse into your habitual auto-pilot moods and behaviors.

My life experience;

The wound is the place

Where the light enters you    


 Now that I look back at all the suffering, physical and emotional pain that life presented to me, I see them as my alchemy; As a friend whispering into my ears, it is a difficult time that doesn’t stop just looking at light. My pain and suffering were like the alchemical stone and robbed against my entire life. (Whencopper becomes gold, or when it is gold already, it doesn’t need alchemy).

 To be wise, I see my pain as a blessing because it is an opportunity, face it and to purify my intelligence, and entire being. How easy it is to perceive this now while all these words of wisdom in time of my endeavor to find healing was so far distanced and out of reach. I was rubbed against many hardship, to find my golden heart who guides me to remain centered and steadfast. looking for the ways in each event as a blessing opportunity to practice my mindful skills and mastering them.

Life is about series of ups and downs. I learned the role of pain and emotion. I learned the meaning of the old saying “my pain was inevitable however my suffering was my choice”. My biggest difficulty wasn’t just the physical pain, strong addictive medications, depression, anxiety financial stability … my biggest difficulty was my mental reactions toward my tough life experiences.

Using the mindfulness skills had been my alchemy, the more I use them the more I see the opportunities to become gold. This is my wealth of knowledge which enables me to live a health life despite the inevitable ups and downs of life.